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Satire about Michael Howard

The latest satire from DeadBrain about Michael Howard, the leader of the Conservative Party with "something of the night about him".

Boris Johnson assaults Jamie Oliver in eating frenzy
Parents warned over extremist behaviour by Home Secretaries
Six arrested on suspicion of "being frightening"
Gordon Brown wins 'Best Supporting' Oscar
Campbell announces Lib Dem leadership rota
Cameron caught at fancy dress party dressed as Thatcher
Blair to ban drinking in pubs, voting Conservative
Duncan Smith in come-back bid
BREAKING NEWS: Cherie Blair barricaded in 10 Downing Street
Tories want their identity back
Tories to adopt "interim leader of the day"
Election Match Report
Candidates for interim Tory leader begin to emerge
Party leaders vote - shock
BREAKING NEWS: Fox News declares Conservative victory
Howard promises to improve the weather
Tories set out post-election plans
An open letter from Charles Kennedy
Michael Howard elected Pope
Cherie Blair to give birth to twins
Tories ask to be known as Labour
PopeWatch: Tributes pour in
Monster Raving Loony Party 'targeted' as key Labour threat
Monster Raving Loony Party 'targeted' as key Labour threat
Exclusive: More secret Tory plans unveiled
Rant: Flight takes flight
Blair confirmed as toughest on terror
Rant: Why Bono should run the World Bank
Breaking News: Ellen MacArthur refused entry to UK
Exclusive: Blunkett to join Tories
Labour poster condemned as anti-Tory, anti-pig
Kilroy-Silk to split up
Tories to introduce quotas for global human suffering
Kilroy quits to form own party in new country
Kilroy-Silk and Howard to unite, form Back and Forth Party
Rant: Blunkett's resignation and the flying biography
Howard backs plan for Conservative ID card
DeadBrain seeks reaction to the Queen's Speech
Boris Johnson sacked for failing to properly declare affair
Tories arguing again at last
Conservative Party apologises for Boris Johnson
Tories to target apathy vote
Howard backs Tory strategy of losing by-elections
Satirists disillusioned with party conferences, look to Tories for better material
Analytical rant: Conference season 2004
Hutton to inquire into failure of inquiry into Hutton Inquiry leak
New Tory split emerges over Churchill reappointment
Tories ponder bringing back Winston Churchill as leader
Big Brother contestants "to be deported" to Portugal
All D-Day memorials cancelled following Reagan death
Government quietly lowers its performance standards
Code-breakers tackle Howard's "I believe" document
Mirror: Is the British Army a fake?
SPECIAL REPORT: Britain capsizes under weight of EU immigration
Blair in straight question, straight answer challenge
Referendum to go ahead, say sources
Second face on Turin Shroud "clearly" Tony Blair
Calls for referendum on referendum on EU constitution
Clare Short believed to be cornered by special force
Hundreds physically sick during Howard speech
EXCLUSIVE: New House of Commons spying scandal uncovered
Blairs to star in new "public information" soap opera
Diplomas for all proposed in major education shake-up
Bush nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, plus other Iraq award nominations
Howard pledges to outlaw waccy baccy, alcopops and Britney Spears
Michael Howard to have cosmetic surgery
Conservative leader auditions for rock group "The Darkness"

Wow, look at this!

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