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Satire about John Prescott

Prescott "could be replaced by bucket of lard"
City known as 'Hull' exists; has been flooded - shock revelation
John Prescott defiantly in support of no-smoking ban
Rumours circulate about Brown's "government of all the talents"
Police create crime wave to meet arrest quota
Blair: "I've been a wonderful Prime Minister"
A statement regarding current court action involving DeadBrain
Government confirms 200 trillion pounds expenditure for giant fly swatters
Prescott finally fired for not screwing up
Prescott's visit to Burger King overshadowed by race row
Minister criticised for sending children to state school
New Year cancelled due to bad weather
MPs investigated over dining rooms misuse
Blair found guilty in cash-for-peerages, mysteriously let off
Blair's Plan B to save the world
High steaks in race to create first human/cow hybrid
Speaker bans Cameron from asking Blair questions
Controversy over British women's right to wear "the trousers"
Post offices petition arrives late and damaged
Blunkett: 'I didn't see dodgy dossier'
'Remove your clothes', MP urges women
Downing Street on truth serum alert
Forensic breakthrough could identify minute traces of Tory policy
Two drown in flood of tears at Blair farewell speech
Labour deputy leadership: the challengers so far
Boris Johnson is latest candidate for Labour deputy leader
Labour tensions explode again as Brown plants 11ft leylandii hedge
Exclusive: Blair-Brown fight blamed on stolen toy car
Sales sluggish for Blair farewell tour
Parliamentary League 2006-7: Transfer news and pre-season previews
New security measure: curry banned on all flights
BBC television centre evacuated in terror scare
Prescott in 'comprehensible outburst' shock
CSA to be scrapped
John Prescott 'is melting'
"Yes, Deputy Prime Minister" series slammed as "preposterous"

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