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Satire about Iain Duncan Smith

DeadBrain follows the progress of Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader, as he embarks upon a programme of rehabilitation into society.

  • You can still see all of the articles about Mr Duncan Smith's time as leader, from beginning to end, in our IDS feature.

    Ming Campbell quits after long health battle
    Rumours circulate about Brown's "government of all the talents"
    Forensic breakthrough could identify minute traces of Tory policy
    Sales sluggish for Blair farewell tour
    Iain Duncan Smith named 'greatest ever Briton'
    Duncan Smith in come-back bid
    Man who had no chance of winning Tory leadership decides not to bother
    Support growing for Boris leadership bid
    Davis: We must support Tory value of losing elections
    BREAKING NEWS: Cherie Blair barricaded in 10 Downing Street
    Tories to adopt "interim leader of the day"
    Blunkett launches new Visa Fast-Track credit card
    Howard backs plan for Conservative ID card
    Satirists disillusioned with party conferences, look to Tories for better material
    New Tory split emerges over Churchill reappointment
    Tories ponder bringing back Winston Churchill as leader
    Code-breakers tackle Howard's "I believe" document
    Tories cleared of improperly employing IDS as leader
    Budget 2004: The reviews
    Budget 2004: The reviews
    Budget 2004: the reviews
    Budget 2004: The reviews
    Blairs to star in new "public information" soap opera
    Blair: Unemployed migrants to stand in corner
    Joan Collins forms new anti-EU pop group
    Bush nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, plus other Iraq award nominations
    Iain Duncan Smith to join cast of Teletubbies
    Iain Duncan Smith offers Blair "ousting" counselling

    Wow, look at this!

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