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Satire about Gordon Brown

Britain closed indefinitely due to snow
Mugabe banned from playing cricket in UK
Brighton Rock in crisis
New Year celebrations too risky, says Government
Iran imprisons Dumbledore
Exclusive: Disastrous flooding could happen again, sometime
Water shortage latest
Libbygate: Bush to solve entire UK prison population crisis
Brown announces "generous" aid package for flood victims
City known as 'Hull' exists; has been flooded - shock revelation
Rumours circulate about Brown's "government of all the talents"
Vlad the Impaler to join Brown Cabinet
Blair: "I've been a wonderful Prime Minister"
Blair: SNP are insurgency
Browne signs serialisation deal with Telegraph after 'harrowing' week
Unmarried people with children more likely to be single parents
EU calls for ban on environmental research
Government confirms 200 trillion pounds expenditure for giant fly swatters
Blair to quit "no later than" 2047
Kidnapped chancellor "free to come and go"
Compulsive gamblers to be given classes to win on NHS
Big Brother latest: Jade Goody protests spread worldwide
New Year cancelled due to bad weather
Blair found guilty in cash-for-peerages, mysteriously let off
High steaks in race to create first human/cow hybrid
Labour peace shattered as Blair complains of Chancellor's "intolerable DIY"
Pundits' relief at Blair cliché overload
Brown to name his first war as PM after Blair
Labour deputy leadership: the challengers so far
Labour tensions explode again as Brown plants 11ft leylandii hedge
Boris Johnson forced to apologise again
Blair asks Lebanon to send peacekeepers into Labour Party
Labour fight over whether infighting has ceased

How cool is this?

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