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Satire about Donald Rumsfeld

The latest satire from DeadBrain about the US Secretary of Offence, Donald Rumsfeld.

Fox News offers reward for "funny conservative"
DeadBrain Exclusive: Bush's reply to Ahmadinejad letter
Saddam Hussein re-instated as President of Iraq
BREAKING NEWS: Washington at standstill during Cheney and Rumsfeld gun battle
'Secret messages' hidden in Harry Potter books
US outsources Iran invasion to Iranian military
Pentagon forced to end secret biological weapons project
Dubya's Letters: Waiting for the wedding invitation
Dubya's Letters: Let freedom rain!
Dubya's Letters: Thanks for the socks but please don't embarrass me
Dubya's Christmas Message: Herbie and Aubrey
Shock Pentagon revelation: Rumsfeld is a robot
Dubya's Week: The Ghost of Last Thursday
Dubya's Week: Igloos and Spies but not Kim Basinger
Dubya's Week: Mrs I's Narrow Escape
Dubya's Week: A Huge Gin and Peanuts
Dubya's Week: The President has ambrosia
Bush to dispense with Cabinet, hire God
Dubya's Week: Catwoman, chocolate and four more years
Dubya's Week: George and the ferocious three feet tall Genghis Khan
Dubya's Week: The Margarine of Terror and Donald Rumsfeld's Tutu
Dubya's Week: The Enormous Singing Tex Ritter Statue With Revolving Restaurant
Dubya's Week: Hair and teeth
US to invade Greenland to remove threat from lack of WMD
Dubya's Week: The Voices from Beyond, or maybe Arizona
Dubya's Week: Joker George and the International Teeth of Terror
Dubya's Week: The president's world-famous erection
Dubya's Week: The secret strategy and the general's hat
Dubya's Week: The quiet screams of Donald Rumsfeld
Dubya's Week: George versus the Axis of Insultation
Dubya's Week: The many colours of Donald Rumsfeld
Dubya's Week: The Curious Case of the Wayward Whistle
Dubya's Week: George and the Amazing Technicolour Commander-in-Chief Suit
Dubya's Week: The Squirrels of Terror and the Presidential Nuts
Dubya's Week: George and the Amazing Brain Machine
Dubya's Week: The Twins of Mass Distraction
Dubya's Week: Oddjob and the Birthday Cake of Terror
White House reveals bin Laden plot against Democrats, orders "protective conscription"
Dubya's Week: Remember the Armadillo!
Dubya's Week: The mystery of the Jessica Molinsky pages
Exclusive: Tape casts doubt on Bush's "no torture" claims
Dubya's Week: Let loose the squirrels of war
Dubya's Week: Whatever became of Doris Day?
Rumsfeld orders correction to terrorist statistics correction
Dubya's Week: Attack of the Robocop Kangaroos
Dubya's Week: Breaking the secrets of Ashcroft's grocery list
Dubya's Week: Why won't they tell me anything?
Dubya's Week: Worms, haggis, and camouflaged underwear
Dubya's Week: Making Rumsfeld sweat
Dubya's Week: The Commission
Dubya's Week: Waiting for Jordo
Secret US plan to turn Iraq over to Halliburton uncovered
Dubya's Week: Still no free toaster
Saddam Hussein promises Iraq truce in return for release
Dubya's Week: The Great Chocolate Bunny Mystery
Pentagon hires Comical Ali to head Iraq PR
Dubya's Week: Don't mention the tank!
Dubya's Week: A conspirassy unmasked?
Dubya's Week: The president gets marinated
US to occupy newly-discovered planet
Dubya's Week: Desperately seeking Chad
Dubya's Week: Who ate the Super Tuesday pancakes?
Dubya's Week: Bring it on!
Dubya's Week: Where's my President Cake?
Dubya's Week: The War President
Dubya's Week: Where are them WMDs?
Dubya's Week: A Sea of Troubles
Dubya's Week: State of the Union
Dubya's Week: Mars or bust
Bush orders military occupation of the moon
Bush congratulates scientists, makes own Mars discovery
US probe lands on Mars, begins search for WMD

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