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Satire about David Cameron

Allegations of fidelity and sobriety mar Lib Dem leadership contest
David Cameron 'to talk to working class people' shock
New Year cancelled due to bad weather
Blair found guilty in cash-for-peerages, mysteriously let off
High steaks in race to create first human/cow hybrid
Speaker bans Cameron from asking Blair questions
House of Lords to be reformed into apa for Cabinet ministers
Constituents request Jack Straw wears veil
Cameron: "BHS is safe in my hands"
Forensic breakthrough could identify minute traces of Tory policy
Six arrested on suspicion of "being frightening"
Parliamentary League 2006-7: Transfer news and pre-season previews
Blair 'offered to resign' in exchange for US$500,000
New security measure: curry banned on all flights
"Spanking" to be introduced to British legal system
'Hug a Hezbollah' campaign fails to get off the ground
Hoodies back 'hug a Tebbit' call
No-cost peerages to be granted to all UK residents
Brown challenged for leadership
Cameron on hoodies: Am I Bovvered?
BREAKING NEWS: Blair is first arrest as Britain's new 'FBI' is launched
Blair April Fool's prank "is real cause of Brown rift"
Brown claims budget is 'brilliant'
Gordon Brown wins 'Best Supporting' Oscar
Breaking News: Gordon Brown evicted from Number 11
Exclusive: First Lib Dem reveals plan to stand for leadership
Geldof "disappearing up own arse"
Cameron caught at fancy dress party dressed as Thatcher
Cameron wins over Labour voters
"John Prescott ate my Elephant!"
Government renames Christmas to 'Wintervale'
Straw: "no evidence" Britain ever involved in slave trade
Cameron "goes Hip-Hop" in last-ditch popularity bid
Government's right-think scheme for toddlers revealed
Duncan Smith in come-back bid
Cameron to introduce National Service if elected
BREAKING NEWS: David Cameron slapped with ASBO

This looks good...

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