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Satire about Alastair Campbell

DeadBrain watches the activities of Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair's former spinner-in-chief.

News channels scramble to cover Campbell resignation
BBC admits to more faking it
Blunkett: 'I didn't see dodgy dossier'
Menzies Campbell admits he is straight
Blair tables surprise "beating and poking" terror amendment
Rant: The potential rise of Alan Milburn
DeadBrain Exclusive: Downing Street tea-lady's uncensored diary revealed
Tony Blair launches self-help book
Rant: How to better exploit idiots
Lord Hutton to withdraw report, apologise to BBC
Milburn given new job annoying Gordon Brown, finding work for Milburn
Newspapers "hoaxed" by 45-minute claim
Hucknall upstages Campbell in Gospel tour
Budget 2004: The reviews
Budget 2004: The reviews
Budget 2004: the reviews
Budget 2004: The reviews
New tape shows truth about Blair and Caplin
Hutton to conduct inquiry into Clare Short
Alastair Campbell denies responsibility for BBC fire alarm
DeadBrain's Oscars predictions for 2004
Bush nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, plus other Iraq award nominations
Iain Duncan Smith to join cast of Teletubbies
Alastair Campbell tipped to head new anti-crime agency
Entire BBC, rest of country except government resign over Hutton Report
Campbell demands more changes at BBC
Government to take revenge on BBC over Hutton
Lord Hutton unveils 2004 Blafta Awards nominees

How cool is this?

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