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19th April
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Rants and Rambles
Correspondents from around the world present their personal takes on the news.

Recent rants and rambles:

Best year ever for absolutely everything, boasts No. 10
We've never had it so good.

The law that wasn't: that 90 day terror argument in full
Don't bet on not seeing it again.

Rant: The potential rise of Alan Milburn
Caught between a rat and a fox.

2005: Big Blair is Watching
George Orwell writes...

Observation from the conferences: Is John Prescott on drugs?
How else to explain his behaviour?

Rant: Bin Laden vs the Safety Elephant
Who will win?

Rant: While the Prime Minister's away...
...Prescott can play.

Rant: If in doubt, revert to capital punishment
Treason would have been interesting.

How a crippled childhood gave rise to an authoritarian monster
Profile of Charles Clarke.

Rant: How ID cards could benefit fat people
Compulsory weight loss.

Rant: How Chirac was Finnished
Reindeer's revenge.

Rant: Rubbish trains are a good thing
Rant: Spray-on mud for Chelsea tractors
Essential tool for the rich.

Rant: Blair talks sense, Europe gets angry
Tony on tour.

Rant: Valéry Giscard d'Estaing's crushing blow
The rise and fall of an old Frenchman.

Rant: What to do with the Dome
A public spectacle is required.

Rant: The return of the Queen?
Would be more interesting.

Rant: The Pope, Schiavo and other tediousness
Which is the most boring?

Rant: Flight takes flight
Unknown Tory quits for telling truth.

Rant: A supervolcano would cure my boredom
Something to watch.

Rant: Why Bono should run the World Bank
The right man for the job.

Rant: The truth about Sudan 1
Not actually that dangerous.

Rant: Spain shows the way
The Spanish vote apathy.

Rant: How to better exploit idiots
Time to make some cash out of them.

Rant: Tories should know their history
New policy called into question.

Rant: Students need alcohol, even in America
Part of university life.

Rant: Gordon Brown and Blair's legacy
Why Blair has to go for his own sake.

Rant: Freedom of Information
Not so free after all.

Rant: The festive war on fun
Making Christmas a drink-free zone.

Rant: Blunkett's resignation and the flying biography
Our man is unimpressed.

Rant: Prospects for more Russian film villains looking good
Baddies with bad accents are back.

Rant: Remember paedophiles?
It seems like so long ago.

Rant: More bans on the horizon from Labour

Comment: Why Boris Johnson could bring world peace
Possibly by accident.

Analytical rant: Conference season 2004
What's it all about?

The Invasion of the Chav
Britain under siege.

This week's war: The Sixties
To blame for everything, apparently.

A-level results: New Labour triumphs again
Or maybe not, argues our correspondent.

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