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18th April
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DeadBrain overhauls corporate structure

Popular satirical news website DeadBrain today announced a total overhaul of its corporate structure to allow it to "better cope with the challenges of the future".

Speaking on stage with lots of Perspex and an oddly-shaped podium, Editor-in-Chief Gregory T Mullet said that he had been inspired to make the changes after going on a management course and listening to the BBC Director General, Mark Thompson.

"This is about taking DeadBrain to the next level by creating a user-focussed environment in which we can incentivise readers to bring new ideas to the table and interact more fully within the internet satire community in other words, this is about scalable citizen empowerment, innovation and transparent metrics, straight out of the box," he said. "I've no idea what any of that meant."

"But I have touched a lot of bases," he added.

As part of the changes, the paperclips management system in DeadBrain's Bootle office will be outsourced to Capita. No jobs were to be lost but three staff have already resigned.

From next Tuesday, DeadBrain will be re-organised as follows:

DeadBrain Corporate Structure

Day-to-day operations are not expected to be affected.
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