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27th April
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Satire site in blatant Christmas money-grabbing attempt

The popular news satire web site "DeadBrain" today opened up a shop in a blatant attempt to take advantage of Christmas shoppers and make a quick buck. Said Editor-in-Chief Gregory T Mullet: "It's quite obvious that we want to make some money out of our visitors we give them all this for free and at our expense. It's about time some of the stingy gits gave us something back."

However, there is a serious message behind the opening of the shop. "If we don't start making some more money out of the site then Christmas will not be a happy time for us," Mr Mullet continued. "We don't want a repeat of last year where we were forced to share a small sponge cake instead of the traditional Christmas dinner."

"Seriously, though," he added. "This site does cost us money and takes up a lot of our time. If some of our visitors could help us out by buying presents or whatever through our links, then we would be extremely grateful. It may even encourage us to work harder on it."

The shop includes links to a number of the UK's most popular web retailers, all of whom will pay DeadBrain a commission if users buy from them. Users will not, however, have to pay any more than if they had visited the sites of their own free will.
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