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29th March
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A new look and a new site: exciting times for DeadBrain

The popular news satire web site "DeadBrain" today launched the second stage of its expansion: a new American edition of the web site.

"Today is an important milestone in the history of DeadBrain. For two years we have served our core UK audience with content aimed specifically at them, with only a marginal amount of it appealing to a wider, international audience," said DeadBrain's Editor-in-Chief, Gregory T Mullet. "From today, DeadBrain will provide a separate service exclusively for readers from the United States."

"The new US version of DeadBrain will have some familiar features and the standards will be as high as ever, but it also presents us with an opportunity to try new things in a new context," he continued. "However, it is important to stress that the UK site will not suffer because of this expansion."

The number of writers working on DeadBrain has increased by around a third with the launch of the new US web site and the two sites have separate editors working in their specific countries.

"Our commitment to our UK audience remains as strong as ever. Over the weekend we launched our new magazine section, which is unique among sites of our kind. This section will be expanded gradually to include further features you would not normally find on DeadBrain. Today we introduced a long-overdue fresh look to the web site, and over the coming weeks we will be launching several new features to compliment this," Mr Mullet said. "On behalf of everyone at DeadBrain in the UK and the US, we hope you enjoy our two new-look web sites and continue to support us in all that we do."
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