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25th April
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Introducing the world's worst web host

The popular news satire web site "DeadBrain" today announced a major expansion into a new area of business: that of hosting web sites. Introducing the new service, Managing Director Gregory T Mullet promised to be completely honest with his customers. "DEADhost is about more than providing a high-cost, low-quality service it's about being honest about it, too," he said. "Our servers are a pile of junk, our connections are slower than a Little Chef waitress and our uptime is miniscule. That's perfectly normal in the web-hosting world the difference with us is that we're admitting to it. I think that's a world first."

When asked about the commercial potential of the business, Mr Mullet was optimistic. "I realise that some customers may be put off by our promised lack of service, but look at it this way: we can hardly get any worse than what we say. Any improvements we do make are a bonus," he answered. "We do have an absolute commitment to a lack of customer service, so hopefully our commitment and dedication will win us some respect."

The reaction from DEADhost's competitors has been muted.

Click here to view the DEADhost web site at
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