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27th March
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It's our birthday!

DeadBrain is two years old today. "It's been two years of tremendous fun for all of us, and the site is really improving," said DeadBrain's Editor-in-Chief, Gregory T Mullet. "These two years have ended with some disappointment for us, however, as CBBC refused to read out our birthday card live on air. That may have had something to do with the abusive message written inside it, but we'll get over it."

To mark DeadBrain's second birthday, the web site also announced plans for further expansion. "We have reached the stage where we are able to expand into new areas and bring new services to our visitors while keeping up our high standards of content," Mr Mullet continued. "The first stage of this expansion will begin tomorrow with the unveiling of a new web site to compliment our existing web site, and this will be followed by another new web site in the coming weeks. New member services and features are also in the pipeline."

Mr Mullet finished his statement with a thank you message. "It is traditional on these occasions to thank people, so I'd like to thank all of our visitors for, er, visiting and, most of all, ourselves for doing all this. We couldn't have done it without us. Somebody pass me some more of that champagne."

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