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27th April
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DeadBrain removed from SatireSearch

DeadBrain has been removed from the satire headline aggregator SatireSearch following a dispute. DeadBrain's editor-in-chief explains: "Bob Pferd, the owner of SatireSearch, introduced a change in the conditions of membership that we found to be unacceptable, particularly as we were excluded from the discussion process leading to the creation of these terms.

"Mr Pferd was demanding that we either leave HumorFeed, a rival service which he had previously stated he had no issue with us joining, or place his headline feed on every article page of DeadBrain. Following discussion among DeadBrain staff we decided that neither option was acceptable and refused to agree to the new terms and conditions being imposed on us. As a result, our membership of SatireSearch was cancelled and our articles will no longer be appearing on the SatireSearch web site or in the service's newsletter."

What will this mean for ordinary users?

DeadBrain's articles will still be available on our web site, through our email services and through other sites that link to us. In addition to this, a selection of articles will be available through the new HumorFeed service. The removal of DeadBrain from SatireSearch will mean that the small number of users who previously checked for new articles on there will now have to check in another way. We recommend our own email services or by visiting our home page on a regular basis.

What will this mean for DeadBrain?

While DeadBrain enjoyed being part of the SatireSearch community and feed, it was not essential to us. The amount of visitors it brought us was relatively small and we feel that this number can easily be recouped from other sources. There will be no long-term consequences for DeadBrain following today's announcement and our service is by no means at risk.

I have a question...

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