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19th April
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Controversy over British women's right to wear "the trousers"

The polarised debate over British women choosing to wear the trousers could lead to the worst sex-riots Britain has ever seen, the minister for fashion and design has warned.

"Both men and women are being victimised by this discussion. It must end before armed women take to the streets," said Douglas Ramsbottom MP. Ramsbottom is pushing for the Controversial Conversation Bill to be passed into law, making illegal any discussions about any sections of society, such as women, who are prone to getting overly upset and reacting violently to being talked about.

The debate has been escalating since Tony Blair, the minister for controlling every aspect of your life, fired his wife, Cherie, for her insistence that she wear the trousers six months ago. Since then women have suffered jeers and harassment on the street for wearing the trousers whilst men have struggled to understand why women are choosing to wear them.

Women's rights activist group Sensitive Ladies Against Gratuitous Sexism commented, "This is all part of the recent rise in womanophobia. Men are afraid of women wearing the trousers and their fear is manifesting as prejudice."

Yesterday John Prescott, minister for pastry, weighed in on the debate by stating that he used to regularly ask women in his constituency surgery to "remove the trousers", which he found to be "a barrier to communication". However, following tabloid revelations and a number of slapping incidents some of which were recorded on mobile phones and posted on the internet Mr Prescott said he had made his trousers policy voluntary.
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