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19th April
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Blair uses tough interviews to reaffirm Iraq commitment

Tony Blair has over the last few days continued to repeat the government line that British troops would not be withdrawn from Iraq "until the job is done". Speaking on BBC One's Football Focus, Mr Blair explained that "the UK is doing a job, it's a very tricky job, and we won't leave until the job is done". Ray Stubbs interrupted to ask what exactly the job was and what the hell the Prime Minister was talking about, only to be accused of unpatriotic behaviour and arrested.

At a guest appearance on Teletubbies this morning, Tinky Winky pressed the Prime Minister over recent reports that suggested more people had been killed by the invasion of Iraq than in 25 years under Saddam Hussein. The Prime Minister referred him to an earlier answer about the job still needing to be done. In the middle of broadcasting, it emerged that David Dimbleby and Jeremy Paxman had arrived at the studio seeking an opportunity to interview the Prime Minister. Both were detained under anti-terror legislation.

Meanwhile Deputy Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett announced that she believed British forces could withdraw from Iraq within a year. "We predict that in twelve months there won't be anybody left, at which point we are confident the country's own police force will be able to take control of security."

Late news

A planned appearance by Mr Blair on Deal or No Deal this afternoon had to be cancelled after producers refused to allow the Prime Minister to set his own questions. Hopes are growing that Noel Edmonds will be detained along with his BBC counterparts.
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