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28th April
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Huge disappointment as Bush assassination revealed to be a hoax

Channel 4, Britain's premier porn station until the creation of Channel 5, has apologised for a stunt described by the White House as 'not funny'. A film made by the channel depicting the shooting of trigger-happy twit George W Bush had prompted mass rejoicing in hundreds of cities around the world.

"He's dead and no pretzels were harmed in the process!" some chanted.

"Our city is safe from the American Idiot!" shouted residents of Baghdad, Kabul and New Orleans whilst dancing deliriously in the streets.

Sadly the joy was short-lived after it was revealed that the film was not really real at all. It had in fact been commissioned by Rio Ferdinand who was to use the film on his show to wind-up Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in what surely would have been an hilarious episode. Unfortunately the film was leaked and people took it to be gospel.

"It's fake, I'm afraid," said a TV boss at the station. "We thought the fact that there was a shooting without Dick Cheney being anywhere near the incident would have set alarm bells ringing. Sadly, some people have got carried away with it. Rio's devastated - he was really looking forward to playing a trick on the leader of Iran."

Copycat incidents are now being reported with internet video site YouTube being inundated with homemade films of other world leaders 'being killed'. Recent uploads include grainy footage of what appears to be Tony Blair having the crap beaten out of him on a night bus by a teenage gang of happy slappers.
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