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Blair tables surprise "beating and poking" terror amendment

In a surprise move, Tony Blair has introduced an amendment to the controversial Terrorism Bill allowing for the "beating, poking, castration and other punishment" by the police of suspects. He made the announcement during Prime Minister's Questions, saying: "It's what the police have asked for, it's what they need and it's the right thing to do."

The Prime Minister has used two dossiers as evidence to support his anti-terrorism plans. In the first 'Dodgy Dossier II' Britain's most senior police officers and security service officials believed to be David Blunkett, Alastair Campbell and definitely not Charles Clarke said that it was currently possible to release terror suspects from custody in less than 45 minutes. Some of them could have dangerous weapons, evidence incriminating George Galloway or large quantities of oil, they added.

In the second 'The Sun' a persuasive argument was levelled at the Prime Minister by 'Kelly from Dudley (32DD)', who said, "All terrorists should be locked up, even if we don't know that they're terrorists."

Today's amendment which will be voted on this afternoon would also allow police to lock up anyone, anywhere, without any evidence, if they "look a bit dodgy". Earlier Mr Blair denied that Britain was turning into a police state, adding that if it was a police state he would probably have an easier time getting legislation through Parliament.

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