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Cameron to introduce National Service if elected

David Cameron will campaign for mandatory National Service for all 16-18 year olds if he is elected leader of the Conservatives.

Mr Cameron announced his plans when questioned about his solutions to "yob culture" at a press conference.

Under the plan, all children will join an organisation called the "Young Conservatives" for two years, upon completion of secondary school.

The children will spend their time taking part in character building exercises such as mass-leafleting and speech-making. It is hoped that many will then choose to stay when they reach 18, embarking upon a career in the real Conservatives.

Mr Cameron said: "I believe this will instil respect in all young people, turning the yobs of today into the Conservatives, sorry, I mean respectable adults of tomorrow."

"I, and my father before me, benefited from our time in the Young Conservatives. Whether we took drugs or not while there is another matter, and one which I will not discuss, ok?"

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