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  The Tories

Tories to electorate: please bear with us

The Conservative Party today unveiled an advertising campaign asking the public to "bear with us" while they descend into another amusing bout of infighting, described by some as a leadership contest.

With the number of candidates now at a record 48 and the next interim leader not expected to be in place until mid-2006, officials appear to have realised that the party's favourite activity of arguing amongst itself could have a detrimental effect on its public image and, indeed, the business of holding the government to account.

"This is a difficult time for all of us and I apologise on behalf of the Conservative Party," said party Chairman Francis Maude. "Hopefully it won't be too long now, but I ask the public to bear with us while we sort this out."

One example of the billboards that will appear around the country over the next few days is shown below:

Tory advert

Spokesmen for Labour and the Liberal Democrats chuckled quietly to themselves.

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