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"Presidenticide" to be pivotal campaign issue in Afghan elections.

Presidenticide is to become a key campaign issue in the final days leading up to the Afghanistan presidential elections, sources close to interim president Hamid Karzai have revealed.

Speaking to a gathering in Kandahar, he said, "We must all move towards a more peaceful, democratic country, and that begins with not shooting our elected officials."

"If elected to power, I will wholeheartedly pursue the provision of tight security for the president, be it day or night."

Other issues, such as the strategy for economy recovery, equal rights and reconstruction, are likely to fall by the wayside the more time Karzai spends in public, said an Afghan journalist.

With most of the population having lived under either Mujahideen or Taliban control, there are many voters who are still undecided about whether or not they want to see their nominated leader dead.

Given this fact, it is surprising that there seems to be little difference in opinion between the applicants.

The main opposition candidate to the interim president, Abdul Dostum, has said that he is largely in agreement with Mr Karzai, but would be more in favour of "shadow presidenticide" in certain cases.

The US has strongly endorsed Karzai's stance, pointing out that under United States law killing the president is also considered a very bad thing. They advise that the Afghan people should do the same and not kill their president.

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