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Hutton to head inquiry into Hutton Inquiry leak

Lord Hutton, whose report on the circumstances leading to the suicide of Dr. David Kelly was released earlier today, has been appointed to head an inquiry into the leaking of the report, DeadBrain has learned.

The Sun, an alleged newspaper, published what it claimed to be the key points of the original Hutton Inquiry based on leaked quotes of the report it had received.

Number Ten, the BBC, the family of Dr. Kelly and a number of key individuals, including alleged reporter Andrew Gilligan of the alleged BBC, received advance copies of the Hutton Report.

Prime Minister Tony Blair is reported to be very angry about the leak, saying that it should not have been to the Sun but to a quality newspaper on the grounds that Sun readers are generally only interested in tits and would fail to appreciate that Lord Hutton finds him entirely blameless.

According to the Sun, Lord Hutton had found: "There was no dishonourable or underhand or duplicitous strategy by the Government covertly to leak Dr. Kelly's name to the media."

Downing Street spokesman Douglas Ramsbottom told our reporter that the PM would have preferred the leak to have been made to one or more of the quality publications, particularly those that were generally preferred by Conservative Party supporters such as the Telegraph and Horse and Hounds. "That's where the message that he is blameless in this tragic affair and the BBC isn't should have gone," he said.

As a result, Mr. Blair has asked Lord Hutton to set up an inquiry, to report by the end of the summer, on the circumstances leading to the leak to the Sun. It will be far-reaching and Lord Hutton is expected to call a large number of witnesses, including the entire BBC. Lord Hutton will also be looking into ways to ensure that the report on his inquiry into the leak of his inquiry report is not leaked, unless it is favourable to the government.

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