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  IDS: Battle for Survival
Satirists mourn loss of Duncan Smith as Tory leader, figure of fun
Satirists across the UK are tonight mourning the loss of the alleged and now soon-to-be-ex Conservative leader. Iain "Duncan" Smith failed to win enough votes from the Parliamentary party to stay on as leader in tonight's confidence vote and will be forced to resign as leader as soon as a successor is found.

"This is a complete disaster," said infamous satirist Boris Johnson, editor of satirical newspaper the Spectator and a Conservative MP. "IDS made a fantastic and an easy target, we had loads of material for him. Enormous fun. Make sure you add in a bit about him being a good leader, old bean."

Other satirists have also expressed their disappointment at Mr Duncan Smith's defeat. A senior Labour Party source told DeadBrain that the entire party had been backing him and were sorry to see him go. "We might actually get some opposition now," he mused.

DeadBrain's own political editor, Douglas Ramsbottom, was spotted weeping quietly in a corner after the result was announced. Asked if he had been a particular friend of Mr Duncan Smith, Douglas replied in the negative but pointed out that he had spent most of the day preparing "IDS wins – just" articles. "That's the last time I believe anything his wife says," he added. "And I paid her for it."

DeadBrain's office is now in a flap after it was realised just how little material we have on other potential leaders. "Davis was in the SAS so we could do daredevil stuff on him; Howard has that Widdecombe comment going for him; Ancram… nothing," said one sub-editor. "We're screwed."

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