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Tory leader "has office", to be investigated
The Conservative "leader", Iain so-called Duncan Smith, has been reported to the Parliamentary watchdog over allegations that he has an office. Journalist Michael Crick has compiled a dossier of evidence about the alleged office. "I've seen maps and pictures, there is definitely an office somewhere with Mr Duncan Smith in it," he told DeadBrain. "His wife even worked there at one point. This is simply scandalous and I have referred the matter to the parliamentary commissioner."

Mr Duncan Smith denies any wrongdoing. "I have an office and there's nothing wrong with that," he said in a statement today. He has also threatened to sue anyone who alleges he has done anything wrong.

However, opponents have expressed their disgust at Mr Duncan Smith. "IDS has an office? I don't believe it," said one rebel MP. "Surely if he had an office then there'd be some sort of organisation - or coherence, if you like. But no, he just fumbles around and makes no progress. That's not what we'd expect from someone with an office. I hope he gets what's coming to him."

Chief Whip David Maclean is to interview Tory MPs who have criticised Mr Duncan Smith's use of his office tomorrow. Another alleged rebel, Nick Gibb, spoke out on Breakfast with Frost this morning. "A change of office would not solve the party's problems it goes deeper and wider than that," he said. "We need to completely re-examine the party's use of offices, and start addressing some of the problems with them."

Reports that Mr Duncan Smith may soon be moving out of his office and handing it over to another Conservative MP have been dismissed as "a good idea".

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