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After Saddam

Ari Fleischer and "Comical Ali" to team up, write comedy
White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, the principal front man for President "Boy" George W. Bush, has announced that following his departure from the White House he is to team up with Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf - "Comical Ali" - former front man for failed dictator Saddam Hussein.

The duo, who became known for their increasingly outrageous statements during Mr. Bush's war to liberate Iraq/democratise the Middle East/destroy Iraq's weapons of mass destruction/destroy al-Qaeda/liberate Iraq's oil (delete as appropriate), are to produce TV and film scripts for Hollywood mogul Milt K Ramsbottomberg, subject to a successful conclusion of contract negotiations.

"We already have some great ideas," said Mr. Fleischer. "For example, 'Grumpy Old Presidents', a movie about two loveable rogues who live next door to each other but don't really get along. One is a former president of a country that wants oil and the other is a former president of a country that has it. They get up to all sorts of zany antics, like games of 'hide and seek' using weapons of mass destruction. We're also planning a couple of TV series. 'The Guantanamo Prisoner' is a kind of surrealist comedy-thriller about the hilarious exploits of a bunch of loveable rogues with no identity who are in a prison whose location they don't know, and for a reason they don't understand. And 'The Two Dicks' features two fictitious neo-conservatives, one the Vice President of a large country and the other Chairman of its Defence Policy Board, and their hilarious schemes to make money. So it's goodnight from me, and goodnight from him."

Mr. Ramsbottomberg has apparently offered to sign up Fleischer and Saeed al-Sahaf for a two-year contract. "These babies are gonna make a lotta dough," he said, "and I wanna piece of the action". However, it is understood that Mr. Saeed al-Sahaf is still under contract to his former employer, Saddam Hussein, whom Mr. Ramsbottomberg's lawyers have thus far been unable to locate.

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