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 Terror warning error blamed on Microsoft Office
The Home Office issued a dramatic terror warning by accident on Thursday saying that the UK was under the threat of being attacked. According to the warning, there was a risk that terrorists could use a so-called dirty bomb or chemical weapon on key economic targets or the transport "infrastructure". However, the warning was quickly withdrawn and replaced by a more general "be afraid, but not too afraid" alert.

Home Office officials have declined to explain why the warning was replaced, but insiders tell us that it was a "software fault". "Some idiot decided we all had to use Microsoft Office for our work," said the unnamed clerk. "But you know what it's like, it's full of bugs. It's looking like someone pressed the wrong macro button in Word and accidentally faxed out a warning saying we're going to be attacked to scores of news agencies. It's an easy mistake to make."

The warning has caused mass panic on open source message boards on the Internet. "We've had it!" wrote one concerned poster. "This is it folks, we're all going to die. Hospitals will collapse under the strain, trains will grind to an even greater halt and the whole system of government will fall to pieces, and all because of those damned terrorists. I can't believe the government let them install M$ Office on their computers!"

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