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 Royal memory latest: Queen remembers who she is
The Queen remembered she was the Queen last night in the latest in a string of surprising recollections. Already this week she has remembered having a conversation with a butler, watching an episode of a sci-fi series ("there are dark forces at work") and where she left one of her corgis, but this memory seems to be the most important yet.

Buckingham Palace has maintained its status as an inanimate object by not commenting on its residents' memories, as have the staff who work there, but royal biographer Sir Douglas Ramsbottom told us that the royal court is pleased Her Majesty is regaining her memory. "They're all very happy that she's getting her memory back," he said. "Now that she remembers she's the Queen things should get back on track. She'd been telling everyone she was a small aardvark for the last month, so I bet it's a relief for her servants. None of them would dare disagree with her."

Doctors believe that the queen may be suffering from an acute memory disorder known as politicianus-deliberus-forgetfulness. The condition is not life-threatening and many sufferers make a full recovery. Other famous victims have included Peter Mandelson, who eventually regained full memory of taking a home loan from Geoffrey Robinson, John Major, who only recently remembered having Currie, and Iain Duncan Smith, who is currently struggling to remember how to lead his party.

Look at this, moron.

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