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 British plane operators cleared of flying
Twelve British plane operators accused of flying were cleared by a Greek appeals court this week almost a year after they were first arrested. The plane operators, including famous names like easyJet and British Airways, were caught by military police allegedly flying planes near a Greek air base. Within weeks they had been found guilty of flying by a Greek court and sentenced to three years in prison.

However, the guilty verdict was overturned on Wednesday and the plane operators have now returned home. Greek legal expert Gregory T Mulletolopodopolis told DeadBrain how the confusion arose. "The judge in the first trial seemed to be under the misapprehension that British plane operators actually fly planes," he said. "What he didn't understand was the peculiar British business practice of making people queue for hours and then telling them their flight has been cancelled. Nothing like that exists in Greece, but it seems that that was what the plane operators were doing."

Lawyers for the plane operators back in the UK have welcomed the verdict. "It is ludicrous to suggest that my client flies planes," said Douglas Ramsbottom on behalf of easyJet. "Everyone knows they don't. That information is freely available on the Internet and in newspapers. I don't know how the judge arrived at his verdict, but we intend to fly over there immediately and get compensation. Subject to our cancellations policy, of course."

How cool is this?

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