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 Hasbro fined for cheating
American toy-maker Hasbro was fined nearly 5m today after breaching competition laws. According to the Office of Fair Trading, the manufacturer "repeatedly cheated" consumers and retailers.

"Sales reps from Hasbro often visit retailers to persuade them to stock their products and consumers to persuade them to buy them," said an OFT spokeswoman. "However, we have obtained irrefutable evidence that Hasbro frequently cheats while demonstrating their products. In one example, a sales rep sabotaged a child's Action Man so he could beat him in a mock fight. Toyshop managers have been left in tears after being cheated out of Park Lane in Monopoly. It's time for this cruel practice to stop."

Hasbro have not denied cheating, but have called the fine "disproportionate" to their actions, adding that Park Lane is only worth 350 on the Monopoly board. Meanwhile, it's not thought that Gordon Brown's plans to switch the pound to Monopoly money will be affected.

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