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 Blair warns vigilance over London Mayor
The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is to warn the public to be "vigilant" but not afraid of Ken Livingston in a speech tonight. Speaking at the Lord Mayor's Banquet, Mr Blair is likely to tell his audience not to let Comrade Ken "paralyse society" seen as a reference to the mayor's plans for congestion charges.

Tonight's speech comes amid renewed concern that Comrade Ken may launch a terrorist attack on London. Documents leaked from the Foreign Office show that, while there are no specific threats at this time, it is possible that he might gain access to weapons of mass destruction within 6 months.

"We have to take seriously any threats from Mr Livingston," said a concerned Foreign Office insider. "He already has a strong power base in London, but it's a possibility that he may try to extend that. We can't rule out military action or long taxi journeys at this stage."

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