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  November 2003
November was the month that Dubya came to town, the Tories got themselves a new leader and the Queen's Speech heralded new rebellions in the Labour ranks. There was also the small matter of the allegations against Prince Charles.

Read on for details of those and the rest of this month's news.

Fiennes to be approached to seek Tory leadership
Spanish to keep Gibraltar border closed following 'lurgee' outbreak
Howard to introduce uniforms for Tory MPs if elected
Fiennes and Blaine to team up for new Alaska challenge
Conservatives replace balding, unelectable leader with balding, unelectable leader
DeadBrain obtains discarded IDS political "thriller"
Royals to issue blanket denial of all unspecified allegations
The allegations against Prince Charles
Newspaper lets cat out of bag over Charles allegations
Prince Charles's potted plants to move out of Clarence House
Howard appoints Council of Elders, Sheriff of Nottingham
BBC to sue Howard over alleged Dr Who rip-off
Homeowners shocked by massive interest rate increase
Howard plans further downsizing of Tory Party
Prince Charles linked to Hamiltons in new allegations
Tories sack HQ in further reshuffle
Prince Charles changes name, becomes *
Secret plan for Britain to adopt US time zone, drive on right during Bush visit
Country in total Tory denial
Robbie Williams to split up
Threat of Bush visit increased, says MI5
Alien invasion alert in central London - abductions feared
Daily Mirror infiltrated by journalist despite high security
Left rejoices at truants' plans to oppose Bush with vandalism, smoking, sanctimony
Bush state visit: Dubya's diary - day one
Bush state visit: Dubya's diary - day two
Bush state visit: Dubya's diary - day three
Bush disappointed with visit to "Simpsons set"
Bush state visit: Dubya's diary - day four
Royal Family obtains injunction against itself
Queen's Speech: Bored Blair decides to create his own opposition
Government to introduce compulsory amputation for new students
The Times to "dumb down" tabloid edition, add page 3 girl
Telegraph to launch new "broadersheet" edition

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