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  August 2003
An inquiry into the death of a government scientist, the resignation of the government's chief spin-doctor and continuing trouble for UK and US troops in Iraq. One of those, at least, was predictable. DeadBrain also launched its new US edition and gave this site a fresh look. With all that happening, it seems the boy who glued a tractor to his face wasn't the only one affected by the summer heat.

As always, you can find a full list of the stories we've published below:

Union criticises first unpowered flight across Channel
Government pleased with new "unpowered" repatriation method
US finds planes, battleships, soldiers buried in Iraqi desert
BBC to sex itself up
Archbishop of Canterbury authorizes burning of American Episcopalians
Hoon sends postcard to Dr Kelly's widow
Fight breaks out between Britney's breasts
Government introduces explosive new anti-smoking measures
Boy, 13, glues tractor to face
Suicide bombers call for better working conditions
Disney in take-over bid for Royal Family
Outrage over Brussels "straight railways" plan
Blair asks entire cabinet to apologise for everything
Viewing government web sites "bad for your health"
Students celebrate meaningless and irrelevant exam results
Government to extend the requirements for wearing protective clothing
Idi Amin kidney swap plan fails at last minute
Prince Phillip appointed president of Equality Commission
Government unhappy at low terrorist threat ranking
NHS to be closed for repairs
North Korean cheerleaders occupy Yonsei University
Campbell resigns, replaced by Slade guitarist
BBC announces plan to annoy everybody
Man confesses wife doesn't understand him

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