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  July 2003
The row between the government and the BBC reached new and much more serious levels this month and we covered it in full. Also in July, news on fox hunting, WMD hunting, Prime Minister hounding and celebrity harrassing. We're still waiting for the silly season to kick in.

As always, you can find a full list of the stories we've published below:

Couple tries to set up Big Brother show in own house
US foreign policy aggression linked to GMO foods
Weekend countryfolk to challenge hunting ban
U.S. prepares ground for more liberations
Dr. Who declares SARS defeated
MPs clear BBC in Iraq dossier row
Conservative leader to join Big Brother house
Saddam Hussein™ offers million reward for Cheney
BBC admits error, offers apology to Blair
Jordan F1 team to adopt "street car" technology
Heterosexuals storm Church Synod meeting
Bin Laden gatecrashes birthday party dressed as comedian
Bush offers himself as special advisor to God
Michael Jackson fails to convince world he is not a virgin
Bush unwittingly replaced by monkey in suit
Parliament approves hunting for WMD with hounds
Buckingham Palace "unhappy" with Bean monarchy report
Colin Powell demands attention from satirists
Bush Administration: British intelligence shows North Korea does not exist
Blunkett struggles to understand new crime stats
Blair wows Congress; wins American Kennel Club best in show
Pentagon: OK, so maybe the Iraqis had a cloaking device
Royal Family threatens strike action
US offer of Bush-Blair job-swap declined by UK
Satire site found guilty of fabricating war report
Blair's forged Iraq documents may have been forged forgeries
Tory leader calls for Kelly inquiry to be produced in cartoon form
Cherie Blair to sing at next year's Eurovision Song Contest
Comical Ali: Saddam's sons are not dead
Queen dissolves Parliament, announces absolute monarchy
Powell releases rap song, loses "sane" tag
Liberation of Iraq to be re-enacted for Crimewatch
An apology to Prime Minister Blair
Comical Ali to replace Campbell as communications chief
BBC, ITV, Sky, everyone else launch ultimate reality TV show
Government outlines new citizenship test
Comical Ali: Blair's son is dead
Government again renews pledge to cut street crime
Judge jails entire Norfolk police force
Blogger shocked to find he has no real friends
"Evil Rapist" Leslie possibly not guilty
Bush and officials to take turns accepting blame for bogus uranium claim

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