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  May 2003
A more mixed bag this month, with news items including the new constitution for Europe, asylum seekers and the continuing terror threat. Iraq was still making headlines, though, and this month as well as the usual news updates we brought you Donald Rumsfeld's private diaries, giving a unique insight into the history of his relationship with Saddam Hussein.

As always, you can find a full list of the stories we've published below:

Bush advocates bombing Toronto to rid world of SARS
Election: e-voting cock-up, Bill Gates and Pacman elected
British Apathy Party triumphs in elections
New Tory information minister hails election victory
Blair was prepared to let God answer for His actions over Iraq
Iraq war was over a sex toy, says Vatican
IDS - "a real threat to government"
The top 7 possible Saddam hideaways according to MI6
Grateful Hoon allowed to speak at Rumsfeld press conference
Government wins fight to build foundations in hospitals
Iraq portable toilet "probably weapons lab"
Bush falls, hits head, declares war on U.S.
Blair tops poll of 100 worst Britons
Iraq loses "Most Evil Nation" status, faces relegation
Bush orders UK leadership "shake-up"
IDS gets giggles while proclaiming confidence that Tories will win at next election
Marine surprised dead Iraqi man didn't stop at checkpoint
SARS outbreak offers new opportunities for idiots to prove themselves
Satirists Guild protests at Bush, Blair Nobel nomination joke
Blairs to move into Buckingham Palace
IDS "bad for health" claims report
Pentagon to market George W. Bush action toys
DeadBrain acquires Rumsfeld's private diaries
New non-competitive sports day a great success
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part One - Overview
EU condemns UK "scaremongering" over constitution
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part Two - The Beginning
Satirist writes spoof article
Bush discusses Middle East peace with ABBA
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part Three - Waiting and Wondering
Congress passed surprise laws unnoticed during Iraq war
US raises satirist alert to Level Orange
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part Four - The First Date
US lifts ban on French fries
Levels of sympathy in Downing Street may be reaching new lows
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part Five - Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Tory "leader" demands right to lifelong non-anonymity
"Pop star pollution" hits Arizona desert
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part Six - Happy Birthday, Mr. Rumsfeld
Eurovision: German entry proves country does have sense of humour
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part Seven - How do you solve a problem like Israel?
Belgium issues warrant for arrest of Rumsfeld
Ari Fleischer and "Comical Ali" to team up, write comedy
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part Eight - The Break-up
SPECIAL REPORT: New EU constitution will mean end of life as we know it
Asylum seekers have brought NHS to its knees, says Daily Mail
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part Nine - Dark times
Rumsfeld to apologise for Iraq typo mistake
Pentagon unveils new war tactic destroy own weapons before start
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part Ten - Trouble, Trouble, and Still More Trouble
Bush to embark on next stage of world tour
Iraq dossier made "sexier" by government, full of explicit language
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part Eleven - Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Train-spotting to be banned in UK
The Rumsfeld Diaries, Part Twelve - Full Circle
Conservative leader resigned several months ago
Concrete blocks will prevent terrorist attack, says government

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