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  April 2003
April 2003 was the month the war in Iraq was won. Well, every major city was captured and Saddam Hussein's regime has gone, but we have yet to see any evidence of WMDs and the political situation at home is less than trumphant. Perhaps it is too early to hang out the victory banners just yet. WMDs aside, though, the only question remaining is who's next?

As always, you can find a full list of the stories we've published below:

Satire website renounces satire, becomes Bush tribute site
Iraq complains of illegal American tactics
Iraq gun amnesty unsuccessful
Baghdad airport captured, tourists expected in weeks
Bush to visit Northern Ireland for peace/war talks
U.S. bombs BBC World Affairs Editor
Rumsfeld: Saddam may use WMDs after death
Bush unveils "Northern Iraqland roadmap", US general put in charge
McDonald's to diversify into edible food
Iraqis deploy shoes of mass destruction
Iraq information minister to release single
US to ship in crowds of cheering people for Iraq victory celebrations
Rumsfeld: There's nothing wrong with a bit of looting
Congestion charges hit London Marathon
Iraq Information Minister awarded comedy BAFTA award
UK: Syria not next on list for invasion
US troops find weapons of Mass Disruption
Bush attempt to play snap with Iraq's most wanted cards fails
Bush beats Republican Guard after Florida recount
Audley Harrison to fight Michael Watson
Anthrax Don: Syria can't be trusted with WMDs
Airlines to scrap carrying passengers over safety fears
Magician Blaine to recreate Jesus' miracles for Easter
Travel chaos after unexpected Bank Holiday
Bush indicates France may be next
New Prescott compromise: Firemen can strike in their own time
U.S. government moved to undisclosed locations
Rumsfeld orders search for Saddam on Google
Witty satirical article actually makes a difference
Tony Blair to replace Colin Powell as America's chief diplomat
Tariq Aziz confident asylum bid will succeed
Saddam was in league with Bin Laden, IRA, Labour and former Spice Girl says newspaper
Local elections promise to be most exciting thing since last local elections
"We're all going to die of SARS and it's the government's fault"
Saddam's WMDs stolen, recovered near Manchester toilet
Labour councillor's election punch not as effective as John Prescott's
Bush cabinet to produce charity CD, music video

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