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  January 2003
Poor weather conditions obviously meant that the number of articles written in January was slightly below average, coming to just 17. But, there was still plenty going on in the world - even if most of it did seem to be happening in Iraq. Read on for what we made of that and the rest of the stories making the news in January.

Saddam unimpressed with Bush New Year resolutions
EU to ban football chants
Flood victims "to sue God"
First cloned politician born, says cult
Saddam accuses weapons inspectors of spying, looking for weapons
Bush: Saddam has castor oil, rice
Blair to employ Basil Fawlty as war adviser
Blair is crime baron, say Tories
Saddam: My weapons were for research only
Marvel Comics introduces super-hero condoms
Government to scrap trains to improve efficiency
EXCLUSIVE: UK government's use of weapons of mass boredom revealed
US government asks N Korea to send weapons to Iraq
Iraq "tried to recruit Homer Simpson"
Do you want to buy Safeway?
Blair reassures nation: we're all doomed
SPECIAL REPORT: Fascists win council seat; overrun Britain; begin new holocaust

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