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  September 2002
September was a record-breaking month for DeadBrain: the most articles we've ever written, the most writers we've ever had and the highest number of visitors since records began. It's been an exciting month news-wise too, with stories ranging from rogue GM beanstalks to the Tories' proposition for the creation of a new TV channel. By far the biggest news event for September was Iraq, though, with the declaration of war, the campness of David and Saddam's rudeness to mention but a few stories we've featured.

As always, you can find a full list of the stories we've published below:

IDS pledges Iraq support
Heart attack risk reduced by removal
Royal train could be decommissioned
War build-up denied
White House launches poster campaign
Blair in Camp David for talks
Iraqi leader proclaims victory in "Mother of all Reality TV Shows"
9/11 remembered
SPECIAL REPORT: Tory leader to step down, become "slayer"
Straw: Saddam is too rude
Blunkett in language barrier shock
Iraq gives Bush what he wants "to piss him off"
Tories propose "Paedophile TV"
SPECIAL REPORT: Activists strike "rogue" GM beanstalk
ITV pulls plug on Barrymore
Live drug-taking to feature in BBC's new-look TV schedule
SPECIAL REPORT: US declares "War of Annoyance" on Iraq
Thousands protest in London at pop group's treatment
Foxhunters rampage through London
Government publishes dossier of evidence on Bush
Tories target school kids
Resignation threatened over Archer lunch
Hackers attack air-traffic control centers, cause "on-time chaos"
Major legal action over affair

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