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  November 2002
November brought not quite as many updates as October, but still a mighty fine selection ranging from the attempted kidnapping of Iain Duncan Smith to the imminent destruction of the world according to the Daily Mirror.

As always, you can find a full list of the stories we've published below:

Government launches celebrity crackdown
Chirac calls for ban on British bullshit, expulsion from Europe
British diplomatic mission to Paris fails
Police foil IDS kidnap attempt
IDS crisis statement: There is no crisis
Liberal Democrats call off mass strike
Tories unite behind leader: We all think you're useless
British plane operators cleared of flying
Royal memory latest: Queen remembers who she is
Terror warning error blamed on Microsoft Office
McDonald's to pull out of Iraq
Blair warns vigilance over London Mayor
Firemen down hoses
Fire strike: Army won't respond to burning underpants
Strike latest: Mirror announces Britain to collapse by Sunday
Fire strike called off for Children in Need
Saddam says inspectors may try to inspect weapons
Mirror announces the world is still doomed
IDS not to appear in Celeb Big Bro
Tory "leader" fined for not trying
Deputy PM causes destruction of world as we know it
Government orders arsonists back to work
Minister quits over BNP "fire-fighting" row
Brown to swap pound for Monopoly money
Hasbro fined for cheating
Spoof leader "damaging" party

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Look at this, moron.

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