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  October 2002
For the second month running, we broke our own records. In October we brought you even more articles than in September: when the numbers are added up we only missed the equivalent of one day. Backslapping aside, though, it was an interesting month news-wise. Health featured strongly as we began with Tony Blairís pledge to release hospitals from jail and ended with news of an inquiry into patients being exposed to treatment in Middlesborough.

Elsewhere in the news, war and terrorism again featured strongly, with more trouble in Israel and the prime ministerís confrontation of the IRA. Education was big news too, as Estelle Morris was kicked out of the Blame Academy and we found out who really discovered America.

As always, you can find a full list of the stories we've published below:

Blair to release hospitals from jail
Survey: Women are "terrified" of Labour
SPECIAL REPORT: Hear'Say call it a day
Distraught fans rampage through Cardiff
UN condemns British treatment of children
Queen orders Highgrove clearout
Horror at Archer's book plans
Tories announce conference plans
Disappointment at fascist Tory speech
Tories plot rail sabotage
Shock research: Al Gore "discovered America"
Letwin proposes new policy crime
News story found alive in natural habitat
Sniper police seek suspect truck
EIDOS to launch football hooligan game
Blair confronts IRA in Belfast
Tories not worth paper they're written on - students
Guantanamo boss sacked for being "too nice"
Duncan Smith announces solution to Northern Ireland problem
Tory leader in greatest Briton disappointment
Sniper police arrest white van, "Superman"
UK issues travel warnings
Israelis banned from UN board game convention
Lowest Common Denominator TV launched by five
Newspaper prints "damaging" allegations about politician
Government reviews performance of Blame Academy
Navy unveils new P&O-class frigate
Chaos as autumn hits Britain
Quiz host sacked for lack of indiscretions
Inquiry ordered after hospital patients exposed to treatment

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