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  News in Brief
The News in Brief section has now ended. You can continue to access old articles below and through our archive. New content continues to be added to our other sections, available on the menu.

Most recent news in brief:

In Brief: Tory leadership crisis - excitement mounts
Absolutely thrilling.

Mission to take Kinnock to moon blasts off
God speed.

In Brief: Prince Harry surprised by media interest
Complete shock.

In Brief: Leaders find common ground in Iraq talks
Some progress.

Tories: Asylum seekers should be checked for Britishness
Essential criteria.

In Brief: Public trust satire site more than government

Headmistress spent 7,000 on school equipment, under investigation
Bound to be dodgy.

In Brief: Fault takes satire site offline
Big cock-up.

Prince William gets Harry Potter book for birthday
Many happy returns.

In Brief: Harry Potter publication new biggest news story ever
Biggest event in history.

In Brief: Cheney "probably still alive" says Pentagon
Out there somewhere.

In Brief: Government pledges standards improvement over euro test failure
The three s.

Iraq actually won war; Iraqi WMD found in White House
History rewritten.

In Brief: Bush forces G8 leaders to watch cartoons
Cultural extravaganza.

In Brief: Government denies "duping" public over WMD
Didn't happen.

In Brief: FBU says fire-fighters will "keep it real" despite pay deal

Eurovision: Resignations demanded over UK performance

Cheney to host special "Who wants to be a millionaire?"
Not necessarily a one-off.

In Brief: Bush pledges to hunt down suicide bombers
Good luck.

Rumsfeld pulls troops out of Syria
Not needed.

Blair disappointed not to win "rear of the year"
Came close.

S Club to split, music quality to improve

Archbishop Bean delivers Easter message

Pentagon to release Iraq sticker album
Cashing in.

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