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  The Royals

DeadBrain follows the royal scandals.

Latest articles
Diana crash to be turned into musical and TV show
Middletonís mum "jangled keys" in pocket
Scientists call for Prince Charles to be withdrawn
Prince Harry Potter will go to Iraq: MoD
Prince Philip held after lap dancing incident
Royals refuse to comment on speculation Prince Harry is 21
DeadBrain exclusive: Prince Charles's diary revealed
Prince Philip arrested outside Daily Mirror offices
Charles to be known as 'King Spike'
Rolf Harris beheaded
Prince Just William to tackle plight of homeless
Queen orders cost-cutting measures for royal garden parties
Plans for alternative delivery of Royal Family functions revealed
Exclusive: Prince Charles's teachers' college plans revealed
Wales and Cornwall to merge, Isle of Bute may follow
Deirdre and Ken Barlow to replace Charles and Camilla
Blunkett accused in "Camillagate" love-triangle
Britons unite to witness and celebrate a happy event
Royal residences to be moved to secret location following latest security breach
Exclusive: Royal wedding postponed again
Clarence House issues clarification on Prince Charles's "bloody people"
Companies in bidding war over Royal Blessing rights
Dubya's Letters: Waiting for the wedding invitation
The Wedding: Lord Falconer clarifies clarification
Buckingham Palace reveals reason for Queen not attending wedding
Prince Harry Potter to marry Jenna Bush
Palace denies Harry swastika incident herbally-induced
Scientists excited by unique large-eared dinosaur fossil
Prince Charles in Crisps for Snobs row
Prince Harry Potter denies allegations of cheating in A-level magic
Metropolitan Police seek B-Man and Boy Wonder to assist with bogus Batman
Royal Family to publish own newspaper
Daily Mirror denies involvement in latest palace intrusion
Prince Philip arrested after attempting to shoot artist
Royal Family to be vetted in security drive
Buckingham Palace cancels Sun subscription
Prince Philip in peasant-shooting row
Prince Charles more popular than sex
Royals to be moved outside London
Royal Family obtains injunction against itself
Prince Charles changes name, becomes *
Prince Charles linked to Hamiltons in new allegations
Prince Charles's potted plants to move out of Clarence House
Newspaper lets cat out of bag over Charles allegations
The allegations against Prince Charles
Royals to issue blanket denial of all unspecified allegations

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