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Year in review: 2002
It's been another fun-packed year here at DeadBrain, so as is traditional we have compiled a list of our favourite articles in a half-hearted attempt to tell the story of this year's news. The list is by no means definitive, and quite possibly wrong, but it's Christmas so we don't really care.

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Postal Plans
Ofcomm reveals its plans for improving the postal service.
  Holy Blair
Our man Tony solves world crises by the dozen.
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Duncan Smith Revealed
We reveal that IDS is a waxwork and he subsequently explodes.
  Transport Civil War
Byers, Moore and Sixsmith: the new Axis of Evil.
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Tories "to be privatised"
Could this be the new Railtrack?
  Website denies job cuts
As if we have the staff to get rid of...
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Widdecombe Captured by Revolutionaries
A strange twist in a strange war.
  NASA Merger Off
Yeah, we had a problem.
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Anarchy, capitalism and dental workers
May Day 2002: not as good as last year.
  Byers, Byers, Pants on Fire
The beginning of the end. See also: Byers Steps Down
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Camelot to run NHS
The National Postcode Lottery.
  Chairman attacks media
Charles Clarke on the rampage against everyone but us.
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Tories in shock revelation
Duncan comes out to get the party started.
  The Cult of Robin Hood
Man fired after publication of offensive article.
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Hooligans prepare for start of season
Body-building up to the kick-off.
  GP guilty of trading in patients
Banned practice could be widespread.
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Heart attack risk reduced by removal
Solving the problems of the NHS.
  US declares "War of Annoyance" on Iraq
Bush makes the first move.
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Disappointment at fascist Tory speech
Far too left-wing, mein Führer.
  Navy unveils new P&O-class frigate
Off to war with an on-board cinema and shopping facilities.
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IDS crisis statement: There is no crisis
That's that sorted, then.
  Mirror announces Britain to collapse by Sunday
Don't panic, don't panic!
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Loch Ness Monster found dead in Ireland
Flying south for the winter?
  Powell criticises lack of incriminating evidence in Iraq dossier
Be reasonable, Mr Hussein.
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