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26th April
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Big Question

The Big Question: Should Kilroy be sacked?

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Yes, he's irritating
Yes, he was in the wrong
This week BBC One presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk had his regular programme suspended after the public discovered he was an annoying talk show host. DeadBrain asks: should Kilroy be sacked?

Robert Kilroy-Silk, Presenter
This has all been blown completely out of proportion. How do you think it makes me feeeee-uhhl? There is absolutely no question of me... (continues for 10 minutes). As any reasonable person can see, the BBC should reinstate me immediately. Marjory, what do you think? Because you've been in this position yourself, haven't you?

Sara Cox, Radio One DJ
You what? I dunno what yer on about, mate. But like yeah, I think you're a bit crap and you should probably be sa-

Robert Kilroy-Silk, BBC Head of Interruptions
That's nice Sara. So I think the consensus so far is that I should be reinstated. What do you think, Trevor?

Alan Hansen, Football Pundit
Well, at the end of the day, you've just got to go out there and give it 110%. 120% if you can manage it. Maybe even 115%. And that I think that's what Robert's done. But as to whether he should be sacked, I think the BBC is well within its rights to

Robert Kilroy-Silk, Rude Person
- keep me on. Thanks Trevor, that's really interesting. Pamela, you've been in trouble for making racist comments that were actually perfectly reasonable and not racist at all, haven't you? What's your opinion?

Alan Hansen, Football Pundit
Well actually, what I was trying to sa-

Robert Kilroy Silk, Pain in the Arse
Trevor, if you interrupt again I'll have you thrown out. Pamela, your turn.

Ann Widdecombe, Politician
I think you were perfectly justified in the comments you made, the BBC shouldn't sack you, they should give you more airtime instead.

Robert Kilroy-Silk, Presenter
Carry on...

Ann Widdecombe, Politician
That's all I had to say.

Robert Kilroy-Silk, Presenter
Oh. Well you're right, well done. I agree with you.

Ann Widdecombe, Politician
Thank you.

Robert Kilroy-Silk, Presenter
No problem. Anyone else? Yes, you over there.

Lorraine Heggesy, BBC One Controller
As the Controller of BBC One and a very important person, I feel it is important that we fully investigate the complaint made against you, as it is a very serious matter. Once we have -

Robert Kilroy-Silk, On Borrowed Time
So you think my programme should be reinstated?

Lorraine Hedgehog, BBC One Controller
No, what I actually said is that we should investigate the matter thoroughly and then come to a decision in the fullness of ti-

Robert Kilroy-Sulk, Skating on Thin Ice
OK, that's nice, thank you. Anyone else?

Lorraine Hedgehog, Fat Controller
If you'll just let me finish...

Robert Killed-Career, Shooting at his Feet
No. Who else would like to comment?

Larry Hedgehog, Fat Controller
You're fired.

Robert Kilroy-Sacked, Unemployed
And that's all we've got time for in this show. I'll see you in the dole queue. Until next time, goodbye.
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