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26th April
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The Archive: January 2006


Blair unveils his 2006 New Year Resolutions New NHS reform allows patients to choose own diagnoses Council reveals it will take 46 deaths to prompt roundabout scheme review Cameron wins over Labour voters Typo ends British army presence in Iraq Cameron caught at fancy dress party dressed as Thatcher Geldof "disappearing up own arse" Kennedy on the rocks, announces leadership contest Kennedy admits to "leadership problem" Exclusive: First Lib Dem reveals plan to stand for leadership Galloway agent denies client has publicity addiction Celebrity Big Brother discovers "perfect format" Solar, wind energy will 'destroy the earth' say environmentalists Blair threatens evictions in 'Respect' plan Breaking News: Gordon Brown evicted from Number 11 East London 'still shit' despite Olympic win Blair denies Britain is a police state Exclusive: New revelations of undesirables working in schools Fury as Sven-Goran Eriksson insults dead whale Teachers to run big businesses, Blair announces Britain is "institutionally racist" says top cop Hutton on incapacity: "No more excuses" Menzies Campbell admits he is straight NHS banks on Euromillions draw to reduce debts Plan to save the world "too expensive" says US

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