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18th April
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The Archive: April 2006


Blair April Fool's prank "is real cause of Brown rift" BREAKING NEWS: Blair is first arrest as Britain's new 'FBI' is launched Bird Flu: Cabinet go into hiding Government urges no panic over bird flu; panic spreads Bird Flu: Police overwhelmed by crank calls to supermarket poultry aisles Bird Flu: Terrorist link proven "without a doubt" Bird Flu: Government announces nationwide cull of birds Royals refuse to comment on speculation Prince Harry is 21 Bird Flu: Government announces nationwide cull of cattle Prince Philip held after lap dancing incident Harry Potter and the Curse of the Student Loan Blair defends huge GP salaries - all doctors to be offered peerages Wimbledon: Henman confident of defeat Doherty detained at Her Majesty's pleasure in time for Queen's birthday Prince Harry Potter will go to Iraq: MoD "Two Birds" Prescott admits affair wife and mistress both 'crushed' Government criticised as Charles Clarke released without deportation Bird Flu: Troops to secure, seal off Norfolk Blaine to sit in perspex box in middle of Baghdad Missing ex-prisoners: Government threatens to sue Microsoft


Best year ever for absolutely everything, boasts No. 10

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