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28th April
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The Archive: May 2004

As always, you can find a full list of the stories we published below:


SPECIAL REPORT: Britain capsizes under weight of EU immigration Mirror photo "a mish mash of arse pixels", possibly fake Mirror newspaper "could be fake" Mirror: Is the British Army a fake? Blair to host new ITV chat show Code-breakers tackle Howard's "I believe" document Piers Morgan sacked, Mirror execs admit he was fake Tabloid newspaper published falsehood - shock Newspapers "hoaxed" by 45-minute claim Paltrow baby name a hoax say tabloid editors Panorama causes panic among stupid people Daily Mirror denies involvement in latest palace intrusion UK bans condoms after Blair attack Leaked memo shows government misgivings over public opinion Hell's Kitchen latest: Ramsay made to look like a pudding Public schools, street criminals join forces against charities bill Big Brother: Bookies close book on nookie UK troop deployment not related to election; Pope's religion questioned

Dubya's Week

Dubya's Week: The Commission Dubya's Week: Making Rumsfeld sweat Dubya's Week: Worms, haggis, and camouflaged underwear Dubya's Week: Why won't they tell me anything? Dubya's Week: Breaking the secrets of Ashcroft's grocery list

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