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4th May
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The Archive: April 2004

April was a month of sexual scandal, irrational superstition, questionable media practice and total incompetance. Or, in other words, it was just like any other month.

As always, you can find a full list of the stories we published below:


Buckingham Palace cancels Sun subscription Expert: "Ludicrous" that Beckham used long words in statement US to withdraw from Iraq, start again Pentagon hires Comical Ali to head Iraq PR US "informed of Beckham text threat" a month before 9/11 Blair orders declassification of WMD briefing document Canada seals seals' fate Government proposes new 12-term school year Saddam Hussein promises Iraq truce in return for release Wagner slammed in latest RAC "road rage" probe Royal Family to be vetted in security drive Second face on Turin Shroud "clearly" Tony Blair Referendum to go ahead, say sources Secret US plan to turn Iraq over to Halliburton uncovered Entire British prison population released by accident Daily Express switches support to BNP, Labour to lose election Photos of President Bush banned "to protect relatives" Plans for new Bush statue to replace Saddam ruin in Baghdad Government IDea card pilot begins today Downing Street rejects diplomats' challenge, casts suspicion on BBC Qatar lodges official complaint about Fox News bias Prince Philip arrested after attempting to shoot artist

Dubya's Week

Dubya's Week: Don't mention the tank! Dubya's Week: The Great Chocolate Bunny Mystery Dubya's Week: Still no free toaster Dubya's Week: Waiting for Jordo

Dumbed Down

How ID cards would stop a terrorist attack Blair in straight question, straight answer challenge

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